Reviewing Data and Telecommunications? Don't Go It Alone

Reviewing Data and Telecommunications? Don't Go It Alone

Reviewing Data and Telecommunications? Don't Go It Alone Reviewing Data and Telecommunications? Don't Go It Alone

Our Knowledge is Your Power


Communications Experts

Without communications, nothing gets done. Voice and Data services are the backbone of your internal and external communications. The convergence of voice and data is here. SIP/VoIP is the standard because of increased flexibility, up-time and security - if implemented and integrated with the rest of your network and IT infrastructure correctly.   

If done incorecctly, the oppisite is just as true.  Integrating voice and data is not difficult. Finding the time to research and determine what is best for your particular needs is.  

ComReviews will explain the new technologies, benefits, costs savings and trade-offs between technologies as well as multiple providers. We are on your side acting as a trusted member of your team.  We have direct access to 100s of data and voice providers and are 100% nutral. 


Why Work with Us?

Large enterprises have the resources for dedicated, year-round staff committed to different disciplines such as, accounting, sales, marketing and IT.  Specialization in a discipline adds value because the experts in each field are more focused and there fore efficient at making the best decisions and executing.  

Not all organizations have the staff and or time to be highly specialized.  ComReviewers augments your knowledge and experience when it comes to voice and data needs.  As an trusted advisor or simple a third party broker of services, we will save you time and money ensuring you are making an informed, decision.  


When to Work with Us?

When any of your voice or data systems your need the extra attention beyond day to day maintenance, you should look to an expert for guidance. Look to us when you:

Want to learn about new technologies

Need to upgrade technology

Need to renew service contracts

Compare service offerings

Want to vet multiple providers - existing or new 

Audit current invoices/charges

We have over 25 years experience selling and supporting voice and data services.  We will augment your teams knowledge acting as a netural third party helping you evaluate the pros and cons.  Value.... 



Communications Infrastructure Assessment

Our Communications Infrastructure Assessment is a single document outlining all aspects of your voice and data services.  After reviewing your invoices, business operations and communication requirements, we will deliver a report that covers:

  • Installed Services
  • Voice and Data utilization
  • Charges and Invoicing
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Executive Overview and Analysis

Our assessment will give you the knowledge needed to perform an audit with your current vendors as well as everything needed to conduct a competitive Request for Proposal or Quote.

Total cost based on Statement of Work.  Minimum:  $1000


RFP Management

A Request for Proposal is the best way to let multiple service providers know exactly what you need and for you to clearly evaluate the right provider for your organization and budget.

Though well worth it, creating, distributing, communicating with potential responders and evaluating multiple responses takes precious time from your business.  Our Request for Proposal will deliver:

  • An RFP specific to your organization, ready to distribute
  • Distribution of RFP to appropriate service providers
  • Coordination and management of respondent communications
  • 3 competitive responses and
  • An unbiased evaluation of all responses

Our RFP Management allows you to make an informed decision without the time and labor required to gather the needed information.

Total Cost based on Statement of Work.  Minimum:  $1000


Purchasing Management


Making an informed decision to purchase the right services at the best price is a crucial first step but not the last by any means.  ComReviewers will complete the process by managing:

  • Final negotiations of Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Installation and cut – over
  • Roll Out to end users
  • First Invoice Review/Audit

ComReviewers will manage the next steps to guarantee you get what was promised at the price quoted.

Total Cost based on Statement of Work.  Minimum:  $1000

Product Resell



ComReviewers is a private agent representing multiple service providers. We resell the same voice and data services from all the same local and national providers at competitive prices.

Purchasing from ComReviewers is not a requirement nor will it change our evaluation or how we manage any projects. None the less, purchasing through ComReviewers can pay for or greatly reduce the price of any of our services. 

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